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What Was That Thing Called?

One of the biggest obstacles that I run across in my nostalgia fueled searches is trying to remember what certain toys were called. I had this problem with the Ding-A-Lings and the Fighting Furies. I still have this problem for the… whatever the hell these four lines of toys were called.

The first toy is a finger puppet ghost. There were several of these and they were all cutesy and carried little plastic signs. They were molded in glow in the dark plastic and had little faces and details painted on as well. I seem to recall them being packed in a box shaped like a haunted house. I have one of these ghosts somewhere in my toy collection. I keep thinking it was called Baby Boo or something like this.

The second toy is a flashlight. Actually it’s a rubber like character with a squeeze activated flashlight inside of it. When you squeeze the monster, his eyes and other things light up. I have a green monster and I believe he had a tooth that lit up in addition to his eyes. There were several other designs. I’m not sure that they were all even monsters.

A third line consisted of plastic men with exaggerated comical faces. There were all sorts of different figures. I recall a judge and a cook. I think there was also a prisoner and several more. The play factor was that the heads were interchangeable as were the hats/hair. Other parts may have snapped on and off as well, but I definitely remember taking the powdered wig off of the judge. I think these figures were released in a package with two to six figures included. My nephews and I all got sets one of the times when we got to go to Whiz. Whiz was the best toy store in the whole world as far as we knew, and it wasn’t just a toy store. That was just the only part we cared about. Whiz was in Huntington, so we only went about once or twice a year (or at least it seemed that way).

The final group of toys were almost more carnival prizes rather than true toys, but we bought them out of a bin at a couple of different toy departments. They were little rubber figures of cartoonish men hung up by chains to an imaginary dungeon wall. They all had a little gold cloth thread like a Christmas ornament would hang from so that they could be hung from a rear-view mirror or some such location. I remember one in a green outfit that looked like something the jolly green giant would wear. One of the guys had a brown shirt and a bald head. Some of them had their tongues hanging out or their faces contorted. There was also a skeleton that hung there with them.

None of these toys were very expensive as I recall. The little rubber figures were particularly cheap and I had a full set of them at one time. I would love to have more information on all of these lines, but it’s nearly impossible to look them up on eBay without knowing what they are called.

Guess I should have tried again on finding out these names. Turns out the ghost puppets were from Hasbro and were called Spooky Kooky. The rubber prisoners were Jigglers from I believe Jiggler Imperial. The flashlight and interchangeable head toys are still a mystery however.