In just a few short months, I will be 49 years old. This means that most likely over my half of my life is gone. I look back at the days of my youth and think about the way things used to be. Then I look around at today and think when did the world pass me by. I tried to start a Twitter account and couldn’t think of anything worth tweeting. I think about doing a You Tube video, and realize that I have no idea how to post one. On the other hand a blog is writing. That seems to be something I can handle. In fact I have done it before for a little over a year.

A couple of years back I decided to watch a DVD a day and write a blog reviewing the discs that I watched. I did it and after the year was up, I was too tired to go on. I won’t be attempting that here, but I thought that it might be fun to write about my life without being confined to the small amount of text that Twitter or Facebook allows. If I feel like writing a diatribe that rambles on for multiple paragraphs, a blog can handle that. If I want to post a short thought, a blog can handle that as well.

At the time of this writing it is 3 AM. I took off from work today because my asthma flared up. I work six days a week and I live about 45 minutes from my job. A normal day has me away from home for nearly 10 hours. I also sleep. I find that at my age I need and I want my full eight hours of sleep. That takes care of 18 hours in a day leaving only 6 hours available for other things. Now I should also mention that my wife and I have been trying to move since October.

My wife’s parents bought a new house and gave us their old place. In turn we gave our old place to our son and his wife. When we first moved in, we had to clear out all of the stuff my in-laws left behind because they no longer wanted it. This took longer than you would suspect since everything had to be looked over first to decide if they might have left it by accident or if it was something my wife wanted to keep. Once the house was cleared, we decided to paint. It is very hard to paint with only 6 hours available to you and several of those hours happen to be when everyone else is sound asleep. Then there’s also the problem with the paint fumes triggering an asthma attack.

We gave up on painting and just decided to move. Of course when we started pulling out boxes and taking items down off of shelves where they had happily set for a decade or so, that stirred up a lot of dust which also triggered more asthma attacks. It became this weird situation where I would try to pack and move stuff before work, only to trigger an asthma attack that kept me from going to work after all. Of course it also meant that I couldn’t do much more moving as I needed to start using my nebulizer and fighting the asthma.

Three months and three major holidays later and we have moved most of the stuff from our bedroom, the kitchen, the bath and the living room. I have also managed to move my DVD and CD collection and the majority of my comic collection. We still have an entire library of books and an attic full of toys to go. And of course there are always the straggler pieces that pop up as well. Maybe it’s a box of the wife’s yarn that was hidden behind something or a wall hanging in the bathroom that I keep forgetting to take down. I have been asking for time off to try and finish the move, but this has fallen on deaf ears, so I am stuck in the loop of trying to move as much as I can before work without inhaling enough dust, dirt and pet hair to send my lungs into shock and forcing me to call off.

At least today’s power move was worth the trauma to the lungs. I cleared out a section of the attic that I thought only contained old receipts. Turned out it also contained a box of childhood memories including my first scrapbook. This was a large notebook with a 1970′s astrological sun design filled with old movie theater ads and lids from Aurora model kits. There was a Burger Chef window sticker of a Picklepotamus in there as well. The box also held a near complete run of The Bicentennial Times. The funny thing is, I thought most of this stuff was lost during a previous move.

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